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Our man Wolf after finishing his ham n' egger job came home to give a brief introduction on Rassle Revue. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube page along with all our social media accounts below!

What we do


Our original goal was to produce a podcast a week but it snowballed into allowing our friends to share their podcasts and articles on various rasslin' related subjects or themes.


Many of us research professional wrestling including various wrestlers or cities and their results and major events through out the years.


A lot of people want to follow wrestling history or specific events but are not sure how. We will offer a section of YouTube suggestions as well as books to read. We hope to offer spoiler free reviews with our suggestions.

Articles and News


Rassle Revue Podcast Episode: TWO

Wolfgang gets drunk and Steele with our newest member Thornhill debate who has the thicker southern accent. All that plus we answer Paul Clemente's Facebook question on this edition of the Rassle Revue Podcast!

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Rassle Revue Podcast Episode: ONE

For our first episode we wanted to talk about Wrestlemania, how the event has spawned an entire weekend as well as our best and worst Mania matches and events....BUTTTTTTTTTT instead we spent about 50 minutes discussion the differences between the north and south like calling it dinner or supper? Plus more. We also reflect on our interactions with old school wrestlers like Larry Zbyszko, Dick "The Destroyer" Beyer and George "The Animal" Steele.

This is part one of a two part show. Next week we promise to talk NXT, Mania, the entire weekend, ROH, Hall of Fame and answer a question from one of our followers Paul Clemente! Be sure to follow us on twitter @rasslerevue or facebook at facebook.com/rasslerevue and don't forget our website www.rasslerevue.com

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Notice All The Old Magazine Covers?

That's because our man Wolf collects them. That's practically where we got our name! Anyways hope you enjoy and send us email suggestions if we should cover these in future episodes! To check out the full sized versions, visit our Instagram page below!

What to Watch on YouTube - March 19

Paying our respects to Dick "The Destroyer" Beyer our first YouTube suggestion on the site is one of his early matches before he ever put the mask on!

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Who We Are

Codename: Wolf


Our boy Wolf is a student of the game. Having been involved in professional wrestling for 10 years and also working closely with several prominent wrestling historians. He adds historical perspective and insider knowledge to the business. Follow him @buffalomanic on twitter!

Codename: Steele


Steele has been a fan of the business for close to 30 years and can easily offer a fans point of view. His favorite period was the Attitude and Monday Night Wars era. His Southern Hospitality style will contrast Wolf's NY attitude.

Codename: CWP


CWP is the most laid back individual of the group. He will provide written articles and reviews for the site. He's pretty laid back but passionate about two things, video games and rasslin'.

Codename: Thornhill


Thornhill, the nicest looking of the bunch is probably also the nicest personality of the group as well. Thornhill will be our occasional modern wrestling correspondent where if we are talking the modern business, you can bet this Alabama boy knows what is up!


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