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My name is Drew but people ever since I was about seven or eight have always called me Wolfgang.  Click here for a more detailed background of myself!


Rassle Results

One of the easiest parts of wrestling to research are results of a given city so click below to be taken to my rassle results section!



All results have been researched by myself. I have used men like Steve Yohe, Tim Hornbaker, Steve Johnson and Don Luce as a guide prior to any research. Does that mean my results are new? Not at all, in fact they might have been done decades ago however using the information provided from these men and  websites or individual contributions to several different websites, I've tried to collect stuff not previously posted online. I claim no infringement on anyone's work so if there are similar items or previously known results, I simply did not find them online in order to not duplicate. Also if you do not see a specific area listed on my page it is probably because someone has already provided the information elsewhere. Google Legacy of Wrestling, Steel Belt Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Historical Society or Wrestling Classics and the information will almost be listed at one of those sites.  I am not affiliated with any of those sites but they have been around a lot longer and a greater variety of work than my own. If not feel free to drop me a comment below and I can either provide a link or research it myself!

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Wrestling Classics Fantasy League

One of my hobbies is participating in the Wrestling Classics Fantasy League. I have been part of the Wrestling Classics family since 2001 and have been writing for the WCFL since 2018. Click below to learn more about the WCFL and my contributions to it.

Notice All The Old Magazine Covers?

That's because our man Wolf collects them. That's practically where we got our name! Anyways hope you enjoy and send us email suggestions if we should cover these in future episodes! To check out the full sized versions, visit our Instagram page below!

What to Watch on YouTube - March 19

Paying our respects to Dick "The Destroyer" Beyer our first YouTube suggestion on the site is one of his early matches before he ever put the mask on!

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