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January 12th, 1999: Quick Results

-The show opened with World Champion Steve Austin hyping his match against Randy Savage later. Said Macho was washed up, his time was almost 15 years ago (referencing to his World Title run of 1985).

-The Windhams defeated The Insurance Policy (Nord and The Wall) via DQ

-La eMe members Cibernetico and Judas defeated CHO-TEN to retain the Texas Tag Titles

-One Man Gang and Ultimate Warrior wrestled to a double countout. After the match Yuji Nagata attacked the two along with Ultimo Guerrero hinting the two might have formed a new team?

-A hype video played for The Union Jaxx of Finlay and promising rookie Nigel McGuinness.

-Debuting Pepper Parks was in the ring calling himself the prettiest man in pro wrestling saying he's the "Patrick Swayze of Wrestling." Out comes Stan Hansen, tobacco chew and all and defeats Parks in under a minute and spits his chew at the fallen Parks.

-In a surprise to some, Tito Santana defeated Hector Guerrero. Before the match Guerrero said that he didn't need his brothers at ringside and even said if Tito won, he'd let Tito get the next shot at the Texas Title. With that said Tito is now the number one contender!

-In the main event, it looked as if we had a new champion but La eMe member and Texas Champion Dr Wagner Jr distracted the referee after Macho hit the elbow from the top. After Macho got up and took out Wagner Jr, Austin hit him with the stunner and the win.

-After the match the rest of La eMe hit the ring but Austin and Savage worked together and cleared the ring. Austin after says Macho Man is still the toughest SOB he's ever faced and the raise each others arms to end the show.


January 19th 1999

The show opens with a video interview of the WCFL World Heavyweight Champion, Stone Cold Steve Austin. He says last week Macho Man proved he might be the toughest SOB in wrestling today besides Stone Cold himself. Stone Cold is still the World Champion and nothing is going to change that. HOWEVER…a bunch of little clowns decided to interrupt Stone Cold’s fun and that ain’t gonna fly. So right now, on record in front of the world, Stone Cold says he’ll be back in his home state of Texas on January 21st to open a Texas sized can of whoop a** on these pieces of trash calling themselves La eMe. He won’t be alone because it will be the Texas Rattlesnake and the Macho Man against any two or all of La eMe because it don’t make a difference cause Stone Cold is gonna stomp a mudhole and walk it dry…AND THAT’S THE BOTTOM LINE, CAUSE STONE COLD SAID SO!

We cut to ringside with Doyle, Blackjack and Carlos who give us a rundown of tonight’s action. The Union Jaxx make their debut against the Windhams. Stan Hansen takes on One Man Gang, The Ultimate Warrior finally will get his hands on Yuji Nagata and in the main event, Tito Santana takes on a member of La eMe, although we have no idea which member it will be….King is interrupted by Pepper Parks who is in the ring with the microphone.

Immediately he demands everyone’s undivided attention. He says he’s not just a pretty face, although he is the prettiest in wrestling. No he is more…he is the Patrick Swayze of wrestling. He could Dirty Dance all over his opponents. He could go ahead and Roadhouse kick them…which is his finisher that nobody will ever get up from. Or he could even break out and show each and every women in the audience a good time, Ghost style.

For now, he feels his introduction got off on the wrong foot so tonight he’s laying out an open challenge to anyone in the back who wants to face him right now!

Without a moment to waste, Tenzan comes from the back and into the ring. Three Mongolian chops later and the Anaconda Vice, Parks is defeated and we head to our first commercial break!


The Union Jaxx defeats The Windhams when McGuinness pins Kendall Windham with a jaw breaker lariat and then the Tower of London. After the match Barry and Fit started brawling to the outside and into the crowd until security breaks it up. King mentions they are two tough and angry men giving neither any quarter. This probably won’t be the last time these two lock horns.

Backstage Marc Lowerance is with Yuji Nagata and he says Yuji has the match he seemingly has been wanting but he ask to ask why did he single out the Warrior? After smiling into the camera for a bit he says “no speaka English” and walks away to a completely confused Marc Lowerance.

Stan Hansen and One Man Gang battle to a double DQ. The match never really got started. Gang came to the ring with a 10 ft chain and Hansen countered it with a steel chair as a shield. The two quickly took it to the outside and never got back into the ring. Eventually the referee called the entire match off and security had to break it up.


Yuji Nagata defeats The Ultimate Warrior via TKO. Warrior hit Nagata almost immediately with a series of closelines and shoulder tackles. He went for his press slam when Nagata raked his eyes and hit a flash side suplex transitioning into his Nagata Lock. The referee stopped the match when he heard a pop from Warrior’s arm. Warrior did not submit but the referee felt it might have been a dislocation or broken arm and stopped the match.


WCFL Rep Nick Bockwinkel announces that Tito Santana will face Dr. Wagner Jr on January 31st for the Texas Heavyweight Championship.

Backstage Marc Lowerance is with Randy Savage and Savage says that La eMe stuck their nose into his matters once too many. He was about to reclaim the title he lost 14 years ago when they declared war on the Madness. Macho says he heard someone say Wagner and Hector were upset that Wagner Jr himself didn’t get the shot because he is Texas Champion but for whatever the reason is, they poked the bear. Now it is time for the madness to be unleashed and don’t forget, he has a Texas title opportunity waiting to be signed from winning the last triple crown trophy so you can bet on the Macho Man being Texas Champion in 1999. DIG IT!!!!

Tito Santana defeats Cibernetico with a top rope flying forearm. During the match the rest of La eMe tried to get involved but Macho Man Randy Savage with baseball bat in hand chased them around ringside and allowed Tito to score a clean victory over Cibernetico to close the show!


January 24th 1999

The show opens with Macho Man Randy Savage in the ring with a microphone in hand. He says that he can't wait until the 31st, he wants someone from La eMe right now. He doesn't care who it is or what the rules are, there can be no rules for all he cares, he wants to fight right now.

Instead out comes Yuji Nagata with a Cheshire grin on his face. Savage asks him if he is a member of La eMe. No reply just a smile. Savage asks him again and this time Nagata simply says "no speak English" and then nails Savage with a side suplex and then locks in the Nagata lock!

Security is quick to break it up but Mulligan at ringside mentions he heard a pop just like he did with Warrior last week. Doctors are attending to Savage who is holding his arm in pain.

We have a VTR segment of Hector Guerrero sitting in a giant throne like chair. In front of him on a table are the TASW Texas Tag Team Titles and in the center is the TASW Texas Heavyweight Championship. He says La eMe runs TASW and this proves it. They have all the gold and all the money from TASW and there is no stopping them. Once your La eMe you live and die by their creed or you get added to the book of souls to be erased. He laughs as the camera fades out.


Coming back it is noted by Doyle King that Randy Savage was escorted to a local hospital to have x-rays done on his elbow. He also mentions that Warrior will be out of action for a few weeks as Nagata's lock last week caused a dislocated elbow. Has the same fate happened to Macho Man? Hopefully not but if they have any news they will update us during the show. Mulligan mentions how Savage using the flying elbow as his finisher. Even if he survives major injury, how can he use the elbow? Both shake their heads as they go up to the ring for our first official match of the evening.

Kendall Windham defeats Nigel McGuinness with a bulldog. In a surprise to some Kendall was able to beat the young rookie quickly. After the match Barry comes to raise his brothers arm when from behind Fit hits him with a Shillelagh to the back of the head! Kendall turns to try and attack Fit but Nigel hits him with the Tower of London!

After the match Doyle King mentions how these four will be in separate singles matches as Kendall will once again face Nigel McGuinness and Fit Finlay will take on Barry Windham in a Shillelagh Law match where both men will be given a Shillelagh and can use them as seen necessary. This might be the most brutal match TASW has ever sanctioned and will NOT be for the weakened heart!


It is announced on January 31st Stan Hansen will take on Yuji Nagata. They show a brief video of Hansen mentioning how his second home is in Japan and how he loves Japan for their culture and their ethics but Nagata is a man that does not come from that cloth. He is here to hurt people, good people and on the 31st, he will taste a lariat that might knock some sense into that warped head of his.

Pepper Parks defeats Tito Santana via Count Out. In a major upset, Tito dominated Pepper throughout the match but from the crowd came Judas and Cibernetico to distract Tito. Tito laid chase and while they avoided contact with Tito, it caused his count out and the first win of the young rookies career! He gets on the microphone after the match saying he should be the number one contender because not only did he beat Tito, he's prettier and younger than him too! Tito gets back into the ring and rushes Pepper and hits him with a flying forearm. He grabs the mic and yells he will be the new Texas Champion on the 31st and then ARRRIBA!


Backstage Gary Hart is with Marc Lowerance. He mentions how he is still looking for some new and young talent to step up to the plate and join his family. He says that this Pepper Parks kid has a good look but not sure if he's got the brains to be in the family. He mentions Nigel McGuinness but he says he already has an army of tough men. He needs a leader, he needs someone young, fresh and smart. He is still looking but in the meantime his brother from the mean streets of Chicago have the family protected from everyone including La eMe and if Hector or Dr. Wagner Jr want to really prove La eMe's dominance, sign the dotted line to face the One Man Gang. Then we can see who the toughest really is.

Ultimo Guerrero defeats The Wall via DQ after One Man Gang jumps into the ring and attacks Guerrero. The Wall holds the legs of Ultimo as OMG hits him with a 747. After the match King and Mulligan mention how all the friends of Ultimo Guerrero and the men who would have ran out here to help are all hurt! Is there nobody to stop the carnage of La eMe and now the Hart Family?


Doyle King gives us a rundown once again of January 31st super show that can only be seen on pay per view! The matches are as follows and card is always subject to change:

Nigel McGuinness vs. Kendall Windham
Fit Finaly vs. Barry Windham in a Shillelagh Law Fight
Stan Hansen vs. Yuji Nagata
Tito Santana vs. Dr. Wagner Jr for the TASW Heavyweight Championship
WCFL World Champion Stone Cold Steve Austin and Macho Man Randy Savage vs. Two La eMe members
and just announced to open the show...Ultimo Guerrero vs. One Man Gang!

King also mentions they just received word that Savage did not suffer any major damage and is cleared to wrestle on the 31st but as Blackjack mentioned earlier, can he still hit the elbow even with it being a minor injury? Guess we will have to wait and see. Now let's head to the ring for the main event!

Masahiro Chono defeats Judas via submission with the STF. In a surprise to many, no other members of La eMe came to ringside with Judas and Chono had his manager Mr. Backlund and Tenzan in his for protection. After Chono forced Judas to submit, Backlund screamed to King they will get their Texas Tag Titles back! Chono and Tenzan celebrate while Backlund jumps into the ring to raise both their arms in victory as the show ends.


February 1st 1999 : Special Thursday in Texas

The show opens with Macho Man and Steve Austin backstage. Savage has his elbow taped up and a pad over it. Austin says that no injuries would keep them from opening a Texas sized can of whoop a$$ on La eMe tonight. It can be two, four, or one hundred. They are stomping a mud hole and walking it dry. Macho Man doesn’t say a word just nodding in approval. Austin says Macho Man is letting it stew in him until the match starts and if he opens his mouth now he’s gonna explode so La eMe get ready because Stone Cold is gonna stomp them to dirt and Macho Man is gonna fly high like a stealth plane all over them tonight….AND THAT’S THE BOTTOM LINE…..Macho Man interrupts with a OOOOOOOOOOOOH YEAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

Scene cuts into the ring where we have Doyle King, Blackjack Mulligan and Carlos Cabrera in the ring. They say tonight is going to be action personified and let’s not waste any time, let us go to the ring for our first match!

Ultimo Guerrero and One Man Gang go to a double count out. After both men continue brawling, out comes Nord and The Wall to make it three on one but then out comes Chono and Tenzan to even up the odds. WCFL representative Nick Bockwinkel comes to the ringside are and demands enough! He says all this pent up aggression backstage is reaching a boiling point and if they want to fight, get into the ring and do it! Six man tag match, RIGHT NOW!

Ultimo Guerrero and CHO-TEN defeat One Man Gang and The Insurance Policy when Tenzan forces The Wall to submit to the Anaconda Vice. After the match the three men celebrate and again at ringside Mr. Backlund is screaming CHO-TEN will regain their tag titles!

Backstage Hector Guerrero is with Marc Lowerance. He says that Steve Austin and Macho Man think they can put fear into the fearless. La eMe isn’t just a name, it is a way of life. Austin and Macho think they are tough but would they die for their cause? La eMe would and tonight, those gringos will realize once your name is added to the book…the only way it ends is when you are permanently erased!

Yuji Nagata defeats Stan Hansen clean in the center of the ring with a bridging back suplex! After the match ULTIMATE WARRIOR rushes to the ring with his arm still heavily wrapped and braced. Nagata powders to the outside and simply smiles at Warrior who is beside himself in rage.
Backstage Marc Lowerance is with Tito Santana. Tito says tonight is a career defining moment for him. The year is 1999 and he’s been a professional wrestler for over 20 years now. Most people say he’s old and washed up and hey, they may be right. His stomach is bigger, his knees hurt a little more and he might be a little slower but where he lost that “one step” he gained in wrestling knowledge and tonight he’s going to prove that age is just a number and that he can still be a champion in this business!

Nigel McGuinness defeats Kendall Windham via submission with a double chickenwing. After the match Nigel tells Doyle King at ringside that he heard Mr. Backlund lose his mind earlier but if CHO-TEN wants to prove they really are the top contenders for the tag titles, The Union Jaxx will see them first.

Backstage Pepper Parks is looking into a full body mirror and oiling his pectoral muscles up telling himself how much of a sex throb he is. He notices the camera and turns around and screams for the cameraman to leave him alone to his “training.”

Fit Finlay defeats Barry Windham via TKO. The rules of the match were simple, both men were allowed to bring a Shillelagh with them although Barry’s was more an old fashioned Southern switch than a Shillelagh. Both men were bloodied and battered but it was Fit who was able to hit his Irish Curse through a table then hit Barry with a top rope Shillelagh strike that led to Barry not answering the count of 10.

After the match WCFL representative Nick Bockwinkel said that he has liked what he’s seen from the Union Jaxx and next Thursday Power Hour, they will take on CHO-TEN in a number one contenders match for the Texas Tag Team Titles.

Dr. Wagner Jr. defeats Tito Santana to retain the TASW Texas Heavyweight Title. Surprisingly no other La eMe members came to the ring but that did not stop Dr. Wagner Jr from winning by objectional means. There was a referee bump and Tito seemingly had the match one after his flying burrito forearm. As he went to revive the referee Wagner Jr. loaded his mask and hit a Mil Mascaras flying headbutt to completely knock out Tito and pick up the victory.

After the match as Wagner Jr was raising his arm in victory, Macho Man rushes the ring with a chair and SMASHES Wagner Jr. across the back! He falls to the outside and through the crowd comes Hector, Judas and Cibernetico and those three attack Macho Man. The beatdown lasts for a solid two minutes when all of a sudden THE GLASS SHATTERS AND THE CROWD EXPLODES!

Steve Austin starts with a murderous intent walk before sprinting to the ring and cleaning house which lead to…

Stone Cold Steve Austin and Macho Man Randy Savage defeat Hector Guerrero, Judas and Cibernetico in a handicap match! The finish came with Macho Man blind tagged Austin and Austin hit a stunner on Guerrero in the center of the ring and Macho Man flew off the top rope over Austin and nailing his elbow drop for the pin!

Dr. Wagner Jr. jumped into the ring after the match and was met with a stunner and then a belt shot from Macho Man! The end of the show saw Austin raise the WCFL World Heavyweight Championship and a beer up and Macho Man Randy Savage holding on to the TASW Texas Title to lay his intent on it as the show fades to black!


February 14th 1999: Quick Results

Union Jaxx and CHO-TEN wrestle to a double count out. After the match Backlund locked McGuinness in the crossface chickenwing! It was announced that Mr. Backlund has challenged Nigel to a match but Nigel has yet to agree.

La eMe had a VTR air where Hector announces that he just talked to the "chairman" and he is on his way tonight.

An HBK promo aired where he talks about coming home and showing he is the best wrestler in the entire world.

Macho Man says that he heard whomever is the Texas Champion will face HBK so he's going to cash in his Texas Title opportunity at the next TASW PPV on March 3rd. La eMe will officially end in 1999!

Pepper Parks defeats Tito Santana with a little assistance from Gary Hart. Hart simply nods to Pepper after the match but Pepper has no idea what it means.

Gary Albright and Yuji Nagata agreed to face off in grappling match in three-3 minute rounds. The match goes to a draw but after Nagata locks in the Nagata Lock on Albright and looks to break his arm in the process.

An Ultimate Warrior promo aired but nobody knew what he said. Only he was still sporting a brace on his arm and mentioned Nagata will pay for changing the universe.

Macho Man Randy Savage beat One Man Gang with the flying elbow. After the match La eMe attacked and Macho started fighting them off when LA PARKA hit the ring with the chair. He looks to swing at Macho Man but turns and hits Hector Guerrero instead!

As La eMe leaves the ring in complete shock, La Parka does his dance in the center of the ring as Savage wags his finger to the crowd to end the show!


March 8th 1999: Quick Results

Pepper Parks is the newest addition to Gary Hart's family. Hart says that Parks is the best looking man on the roster and with his guidance he will also be the most vicious.

Ultimate Warrior returned and got a small measure of revenge on Yuji Nagata when he press slammed him onto the announcers table then Warrior splashed him through it. They will meet at the St. Patrick's Day Massacre show.

Union Jaxx defeated CHO-TEN to become the #1 contenders for the Texas Tag Team Titles. They will take on La eMe on March 17th.

When asked why he didn't join La eMe, La Parka said through Carlos Cabrera that he isn't held down to one group as their chairman, he's the chairman of the entire world. He air guitared on a steel chair and it was announced he will take on Hector Guerrero on March 17th.

A mysterious masked man has been spotted in the rafters. Nobody is sure who he is but every time the spotlight shows him a voice over the area announces that "the phoenix has risen."

Randy Savage defeated Dr. Wagner Jr to become the new Texas Heavyweight Champion. During the match the lights flickered a few times. After Savage was handed the belt they went completely out. When they came back on Savage was laying on the mat covered in green mist.

Because of his win, Macho Man will face Shawn Michaels for the WCFL International title on March 17th.

March 17, 1999
St. Patrick's Day Massacre
Dallas, Texas

Ultimate Warrior vs. Yuji Nagata

Union Jaxx vs. La eMe(c) for the Texas Tag Team Titles

Hector Guerrero vs. La Parka

Macho Man Randy Savage vs. Shawn Michaels(c) for the WCFL International Championship

Pepper Parks will also be in action.


March 17th 1999: St. Paddy's Day Quick Results

March 17, 1999
St. Patrick's Day Massacre
Dallas, Texas

Yuji Nagata and Ultimate Warrior fight to a double DQ when chairs become involved. The brawl ended when Nagata hit Warrior's previously injured arm with a chair then used the same chair as leverage for the NagataLock.

Union Jaxx b. La eMe via DQ when Hector Guerrero ran to the ring and got involved. La Parka soon came out after and Nick Bockwinkel came out and announced that the next match won't be a singles match but a six man tag and if La Parka and the Jaxx win, Jaxx will get a title shot next week with any stipulation they want.

La Parka and Union Jaxx b. La eMe when La Parka pins Hector. After the match Nigel gets on the microphone and says that they want their match to be a STEEL CAGE MATCH! La eMe leaves the ringside area with concerned looks on their face.

Pepper Parks b. Tito Santana after Gary Hart tripped Santana as he was hitting the ropes to hit his flying burrito forearm. This allowed Pepper to roll Tito up and gain the win.

Dr. Wagner Jr. b. Tenzan in an excellent back and forth match. Wagner Jr. wrestled a clean match and after tried to shake the hand of Tenzan but Tenzan still unsure what Wagner Jr.'s intentions are.

Macho Man Randy Savage d. Shawn Michaels after 60 minutes of excellent and grueling action. Savage went to shake Michaels hand afterwards but Michaels smirked like a bozo and crotch chopped. Savage started back on the attack when the lights went out. When they came back on THE GREAT MUTA was behind Savage. As Savage turned he gets sprayed with the green mist! He goes down screaming in pain. All of a sudden a spot light follows up to the rafters and there is another man in a mask staring down into the ring. The lights flicker and go out for about 30 seconds. When they come back on, that man is IN THE RING! Muta turns and looks like he is going to mist this man, this "phoenix" but then the lights go out a third time and when they come back both the masked man and Muta are gone. Left in the ring is a blinded Savage as referees and doctors attend to him as the show fades to black.


April 20th 1999: Good Friday, Bad Blood

Gary Michael Capetta is in the ring and welcomes the fans of Houston Texas to Good Friday, BAD BLOOD! He sends it down to ringside with Doyle King and Blackjack Mulligan.

King and Mulligan run down the card which will include a double main event. "Macho Man" Randy Savage versus The Great Muta for the Texas Heavyweight Title and The Union Jaxx will challenge La eMe inside a Steel Cage for the Texas Tag Team Titles! We also have three great opening matches and let's head to the first one now!

Match 1:
Minoru Suzuki defeats Tito Santana

-Santana had no chance against the young and dangerous Suzuki who took care of the legend Santana in under three minutes with strikes and a Gotch piledriver. After the match as Suzuki was leaving, Gary Hart came to ringside with what looked like a contract. Suzuki looked at him and brushed him away leaving Hart completely frustrated and confused.

Backstage Marc Lowerance is with Randy Savage. He said that whatever Muta spits is completely vile but it can't keep the tower of power down and tonight. Just like the bile he spits, Muta is going to be washed away from TASW!

Match 2:
Yuji Nagata defeats Ultimo Guerrero

-Nagata hit the high angled back suplex with a bridge after he ducked away from Guerrero attempting a moonsault from the top rope.

A video package plays of highlights of The Great Muta dominating Japanese wrestling.

Match 3:
La Parka defeats Johnny Swinger

-Swinger making his debut in TASW had a strong showing but ultimately fell to La Parka. After the match as La Parka was strumming on his chair guitar, Pepper Parks rushed the ring and Parks and Swinger double teamed La Parka with Gary Hart at ringside nodding in approval.

Backstage Mr. Backlund says that he's been away from Texas for a bit and he apologizes for that but he is back now. He is looking for new blood to take under his wing as Chono and Tenzan have decided to amicably part ways as a team. Backlund says he will keep a close eye.

Before he could finish his comment, Gary Hart confronts him and from behind The ONE MAN GANG axe-handles Backlund from behind! Backlund is on the ground and OMG nails him with a 747 splash! Backstage security rush to stop more damage.

We come back to ringside and we see up in the rafters that mysterious masked man staring down into the ring. A brief blast of flame pyro hits as the lights go dark. When they come back on, the man is gone! King and Mulligan joke they need to stay off the bath tub hooch Mulligan makes because they both think they are seeing things at this point.

In the ring Hector Guerrero is in the ring and he calls out Dr. Wagner Jr. He wants Wagner to explain himself right here and now.

Wagner comes into the ring with Carlos Cabrera who translates for the live audience. Guerrero said that they all agreed to take over Texas first, then the entire United States. What the hell is going on with Wagner?

Wagner says that at first he was drinking Hector's koolaid on taking over the US wrestling world but then as he slowly started defending the Texas Title, he realized that the wrestlers in the US are not inferior to lucha stars. They wrestle a different style but that doesn't make them inferior. In fact he actually enjoys it!

Hector smiles and slaps Wagner Jr! He tells him he is no longer Mexican and he has spit on his entire family tradition. Guerrero then crosses the line saying that he should remove his mask as his father should disown him for being such a disgrace to the family!

Wagner Jr retaliates with several punches on Guerrero but he leaves the ring before the other two members of La eMe hit the ring.

Backstage Marc Lowerance is with Pepper Parks and Johnny Swinger and they said they realized they have something in common. Actually two things. They are both really pretty and they are both really super awesome cool! That's why they are now the team Pretty Swinging!

The Great Muta defeats "Macho Man" Randy Savage to become the new Texas Heavyweight Champion!

-Macho Man dominated most of the match working on pure hatred and looked to have the match in the bag when an accidental eye poke distracted the referee for a bit. Macho Man went for his top rope elbow drop but when he leapt, Muta hit him with the RED MIST! As he was laying in excruciating pain, Muta hit his moonsault and the referee recovered to count the pinfall!

After the match as Muta held the Texas Title up, the lights went out. After a few seconds they come back and the masked man from the rafters is standing behind Muta! Muta turns and goes to mist but the masked man ducked! He stops Muta holding both hands up and then extends one in a handshake!

Muta looks confused and looks quizzically at the hand. He then grabs it in a sign of alliance! The crowd boos but as Muta goes to pull his hand away, the masked man pulls him in and smashes him with a shotei slap! Muta reels back and the masked man follows up with a standing hurricanrana! Muta quickly back up and the masked man follows it up with a FALCON ARROW!!!!

Muta is laying in the center of the ring as this masked man stands over him. A voice over is heard throughout the arena:


Another blast of pyro fire hits the ring and the lights go completely black!

Backstage Hector Guerrero says WAR has been declared on Dr. Wagner Jr but right now Judas and Cibernetico need to focus on the bar room brawlers. Guerrero says that he is so confident that La eMe is the premier tag team in all of wrestling, he is not even going to be at ringside as La eMe inside the cage is just like them inside prison. They are in their element and Union Jaxx thinks it is to keep interference out. La eMe sees it as Union Jaxx meeting them in the cell with no way to escape when they are laying their bloodied and praying to god.

Union Jaxx defeats La eMe to become the new Texas Tag Team Champions!

-The match was a brutal and bloody with all four men in the ring at once. The referee inside tried to maintain order but eventually hung back only to count the fall. The end came when Dr. Wagner Jr rushed from the crowd to ringside and grabbed Finlay's shillelagh and with a couple wire cutters, opened a small hole into the cage and slipped it in. Nigel saw it and grabbed it and cracked Judas over the head with it to earn the pinfall!

Both bloody Union Jaxx members celebrate inside the ring as Dr. Wagner Jr. looks into the camera and yells "BIEN BIEN BIEN!" as the scene fades to black.


May 5th 1999

The show starts with the new Texas Heavyweight Champion The Great Muta inside the ring and the arena is dark except for a single spot light of him sitting in the center of the ring clutching the TASW Texas title. Without saying a word he stands up and the lights slowly creep up to lighting the entire arena. Muta stands and drops the title looking out into the audience. He looks up and points to the rafters as the crowd chants Phoenix. Nobody comes so Muta looks directly into the camera and slits his throat in disgust.

Backstage Minoru Suzuki is with Marc Lowerance. He says his English isn’t the best but his grappling is. Before he could say any more Gary Hart comes up to him and says he can help him with the English and help him as the guiding light in America. Look at Kabuki, he’s a legend thanks to Hart. Look at Muta, the only reason he’s still getting him work in America and is champion here right now is because of Gary Hart. Hart pulls out a piece of paper and says it is a contract. He tells Suzuki to sign it and he’ll be a champion in no time.

Suzuki scoffs and starts to walk away. Gary Hart grabs him by the shoulder and turns him around. Suzuki dead serious tells Hart to never touch him again. Before he leaves One Man Gang rushes him from behind with Nord! They clobber him and knock him to the floor. Hart and Nord hold Suzuki as One Man Gang hits multiple 747 splashes! Hart then instructs Nord to use his sword on Suzuki but Nord starts “hussing” uncontrollably and then rushes off from the interview area. We hear a door open and close and Hart is furious! He grabs the mic Lowerance dropped and he said he knows there’s only one man in this world he can trust and that’s his brother from Halstead, the Gang. Suzuki has one shot but now he’s started the war.


In the ring are the new TASW Tag Team Champions the Union Jaxx. They want to thank all the people in Texas for standing behind two drunk hooligans as they put the final nail on the La eMe coffin taking the last of their golf. Out comes Hector Guerrero and he asks if they think they’ve ended La eMe? They might have won that battle but the war is far from over. It will only a matter of days before they regain the titles. Hector leaves and Union Jaxx gets ready for the first match of the night.

Match One:
Union Jaxx defeated The Cowboys from Hell via DQ. The new tag team coming home to the state of Texas gave the Jaxx quite the fight but the finish came when Crain grabbed their nooses and choked Nigel to cause the DQ. Finlay grabbed his sheleighly to scare the two men off.


Backstage Marc Lowerance is with Gart Hart and Hart has with him Johnny Swinger and Pepper Parks the team of Pretty Swingin. He said it’s about time the tag team division is getting good that way when these two men become the next Tag Team Champions it will mean they are the very best in the world. Tonight though, Swinger will enjoy singles competition to show that together or apart these two young guns are the future of the sport!

Match Two:
Johnny Swinger defeated Tito Santana with his Swing Time neckbreaker. The end wasn’t without controversy as Gary Hart distracted Tito as Tito went for the flying forearm.

After the match Doyle King provides and update on Minoru Suzuki and says he has been taken to the local hospital and so far they’ve heard he has suffered a few broken ribs and the doctors are now checking for a potentially punctured lung. If we hear anything else we will update but on the other side of the break we will hear from the Macho Man Randy Savage.


THE VTR segment opens with the face of Randy Savage with both his eyes covered with bandages. He says never in his life has he been at a loss for words until today. Muta got him and got him good. He has no idea when he will be back but he will be back and Muta. There is one thing for sure. There will be blood.

Match Three:
La Parka beat Ultimo Guerrero by reversing the Gory Bomb into a pinfall. After the match Hector Guerrero comes to the ring and says the next major Texas pay per view is in June and he wants to put La Parka our of wrestling for good. He is challenging La Parka to a Mexican Death Match. Parka grabs a chair and strums it feverishly apparently agreeing to the match!


A video plays saying “the Phoenix rises next week.”

As that video plays Muta comes wandering to the ring again looking up to the rafters. Referees come out to try and urge him to the back so we can get on with our main event. Muta does not oblige and instead walks to ringside and kneels right at a corner hugging a corner post of the ring. The referees just give up and we have to move on to the main event!

Match Four:
Dr Wagner Jr and Yuji Nagata ends in a double DQ when La eMe of Cibernetico and Judas hit the ring and Muta eventually jumps on creating a big schmozz until the lights go out. When they come back the men are fighting outside the ring except for Muta. He’s in the center and as he looks up to see in the far rafters the man known only as the Phoenix! Muta points up at him and mists to the sky but the lights go out and flames shoot down from the rafters. Once finished the lights come back up the Phoenix is gone and a voice over, the same from the VTR segment earlier plays saying “the Phoenix rises next week!” To end the show.


May 16th 1999

The show opens with a huge announcement for the main event later on in the evening. Announced is a tag team match where La Parka and Ultimo Guerrero will take on La eMe members Judas and Cibernetico where the losing team gets 5 lashes with a leather strap each.

A video package plays of all the events that occurred last week including the message that "the phoenix" will finally debut! King and Mulligan welcome us to the show and say let us not waste any time and head to the ring!

After a long entrance, "the phoenix" Hayabusa finally hits the ring for his first official match in TASW.

Match One:
Hayabusa defeats Johnny Swinger with a falcon arrow.

Backstage Mr. Backlund is writing in a notebook about financials and managerial business when Minoru Suzuki catches him with a blank contract. He tells Backlund to sign. Backlund looks it over and immediately signs. Backlund freaks out and looks into the camera and proceeds to cut an insane promo on Gary Hart saying the war they waged last year is reignited.


From break Macho Man cuts another serious taped promo. At the end he removes the bandages to show his entire eye is devoid of pupils and is pure red from the mist. He says this will pass but his hatred for the Great Muta never will.

Match Two:
TASW Texas Champion The Great Muta defeats a local talent with two moonsaults from the top rope. During the match, Muta constantly looked up to the rafters for a sign from the phoenix, Hayabusa.


A video package of the Cowboys from Hell visiting honky tonks, drinking beer and starting fights.

Backstage we see Hector Guerrero casually walk up to a door and jamming a chair under the door knob. We can hear a voice yelling in Spanish and make it out to be Ultimo Guerrero!

Backstage the Union Jaxx says that they saw the Cowboys from Hell video package. They think they can drink? They think they can fight? They've never seen an Irishmen and a Scot do those and any time they want to do both, the Jaxx will dust them completely.

Match Three:

The match starts out as La eMe taking on La Parka in a handicap match. La Parka is completely unaware that Hector Guerrero has caused Ultimo Guerrero to not show up for the match. Towards the end, Dr. Wagner Jr comes to ring and hot tags La Parka. He gets some fire but untrusting of Wagner Jr, La Parka tags himself back in and is defeated by Judas. La Parka resigned to get his lashes is shocked when Dr. Wagner Jr pulls the straps of his gear down and tells La eMe to give him ALL TEN LASHES! They happily oblige and as Dr. Wagner Jr winces at each one, the roar of the crowd grows more and more. After they finish they leave the ring laughing.

Through Carlos Cabrera, La Parka tells the English audience that Dr. Wagner Jr just proved to him that he has seen the light and that he is a brother in this war against La eMe. La Parka says he will fight shoulder to shoulder with Dr. Wagner Jr any time, ANY WHERE!

BIEN BIEN BIEN!!!! Shouts Dr. Wagner Jr. In pain and struggling to talk, Wagner Jr. says it is great having "brothers in arms" but sometimes to  fight a fake family like La eMe you need to bring real famila in. So for La eMe to be ready because Silver King will debut next week!



May 27th 1999: Memorial Day Mass****

TASW: Memorial Day Mass****
LIVE From the Tulsa Convention Center
Tulsa, Oklahoma

The show opens with TASW President Bill Watts with a microphone in hand backstage. He tells us that the state of Texas and the area surrounding is the current hotbed of professional wrestling. He says he's not just saying that to start wars with other areas but it is the god's honest truth that the best talent in the world, not just in the United States, but the entire world wants to prove their worth in Texas. Tonight, we have a lineup that would main event any country in the world today and going forward, Texas will continue to be the number one promotion in the wrestling world.

A video highlight package shows of all the events leading up to tonight's event including Hayabusa in the rafters, Macho Man being blinded, One Man Gang attacking Minoru Suzuki for not signing with the Hart Family, Nord the Barbarian leaving the building via the back door and gone missing, and the La eMe Civil War reaching a boil and Dr. Wagner Jr promising his brother, Silver King to debut for TASW!

At ringside Doyle King and Blackjack Mulligan welcome us to the Memorial Day Massacre live from the Tulsa Convention Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Just because Texas is in the name, does not mean Texas All Star Wrestling is held to one area as seen by last year venturing out to Mexico City. King says that one of the main missions the TASW president has is to expand the business of TASW to include all neighboring areas and show that TASW is the premier in all of professional wrestling. Mulligan points out that Watts has been a resident of Tulsa for years so it is special for him to present professional wrestling in his back yard.

Doyle King runs down tonight's special holiday card. We will see the Cowboys from Hell take on Swingin' Pretty in a number one contendership match for the TASW Tag Team Titles. Then we will see a special tag team grudge match as Dr. Wagner Jr and Silver King will take on La eMe members of Cibernetico and Judas. After that we will have the One Man Gang take on Minoru Suzuki who was told prior to the show that his broken ribs have not healed properly yet but Suzuki refused to concede prior and the match will take place tonight. Hector Guerrero will take on Hayabusa and in the main event, The Great Muta defends the TASW Championship against Masahiro Chono. Let's first head backstage to these pre-taped comments from Gary Hart.

Gary Hart is backstage with Swingin' Pretty and the One Man Gang. Hart says that his family is almost complete, in fact they just need a little gold to spruce everything up and that starts with Swingin' Pretty getting the title shot they should have already gotten but no matter. Tonight they secure that and just as a friendly reminder to the rest of TASW. Just because the family is focused on the tag titles, does not mean there isn't an ace in the hole just waiting to pop its head out.

Swingin' Pretty defeats The Cowboys from Hell when Johnny Swinger pins Cedric Crain after his modified swinging neck breaker and top rope elbow combination with Pepper Parks.

Backstage Marc Lowerance is with Mr. Backlund and he tells Lowerance that Suzuki could have all his ribs broken, his legs broken and his neck snapped and he'd still bring himself to the ring for the fight he has tonight. Respect is a big thing for Minoru Suzuki regardless of love or hate and Gary Hart and One Man Gang spit on that when they attacked him backstage a few weeks ago. Tonight Suzuki will dig deep, fight through the pain and Gotch pile drive Gang through the ring.

A video package plays of last week where Dr. Wagner Jr mentions how La eMe calls themselves a family but sometimes it takes actual flesh and blood to fight against a wannabe family and introducing his brother Silver King to debut.

Los Hermanos Perdidos (Translated: The Lost Brothers) and La eMe wrestled to a double DQ when the referee stopped the match for too much plunder entering the ring. After the match Hector Guerrero joined Cibernetico and Judas to gain a short advantage but then came the chairman La Parka with a handful of chairs to toss to both Silver King and Dr. Wagner Jr to clean house. After the match Dr Wagner Jr extends his hand to La Parka, who after all Wagner Jr had done while being part of La eMe was hesitant but decides to accept!

After the match at ringside Carlos Cabrera translates for La Parka who says that Dr. Wagner Jr has proven he has atoned for being part of La eMe and he will gladly fight along side the two brothers to finally rid Texas of La eMe. La GUERRA MEXICANA has begun!

A video package plays of the TASW Tag Team Champions, Union Jaxx sitting at a local honky tonk drinking beers. They are disappointed that the beers aren't strong enough and when two random cowboys make fun of their accents, they beat the snot of them causing carnage and destruction at the bar. They are asked to leave and gladly oblige saying they could get water for free instead of the junk they sell at the bar.

Minoru Suzuki defeats One Man Gang by DQ. Gang worked the ribs but Suzuki showed little to any effect or pain. Just as it looked like Suzuki was going to finally hit the Gotch piledriver on One Man Gang and hoisted him up into the air, VADER comes from the crowd and attacks Suzuki causing the DQ. Both men take turns splashing Suzuki before Yuji Nagata comes to the ring and fights both men off hitting both with impressive looking overhead belly to belly suplexes causing them to scatter. Nagata who to this point has been a silent assassin against all comers looks to have finally picked a side in TASW.

Backstage Marc Lowerance gives us an update on Macho Man Randy Savage. He says that he talked to Randy's father prior to the show going live and he said that Randy has stopped talking to all family and friends and has been secluded in his mansion for at least the last two weeks. Nobody is allowed past the gate and nobody has been able to talk to him. Angelo is worried the worst about his son as professional wrestling is his one absolute passion in life. Since there is no real time table for his return, Randy has gone deep into the dark side and nobody knows what will happen next.

Hayabusa defeats Hector Guerrero with the Phoenix Splash. La Parka, Silver King and Dr. Wagner Jr. came to ringside to make the match an impromptu lumberjack match and to keep tabs on the crowd for Judas and Cibernetico. Neither man appeared and allowed for Hayabusa to earn the pin fall victory on Guerrero.

A video package plays of a single scorpion walking through the desert. A lightning bolt strikes it and from the smoke, the name STING appears on screen to the delight of the fans.

The Great Muta defeats Masahiro Chono in a superb main event to retain his TASW Title. Chono thought he had the match won with the STF but Muta was into the ropes and did not concede as Chono thought. Muta followed it up with a shining wizard and two moonsaults off the top rope to secure the victory.

After the match as Muta misted the sky and held the TASW title belt over his head, the lights flicker. As Muta looked to the rafters assuming Hayabusa, from the entrance way a full sprinting thick sunglass wearing Macho Man Randy Savage barrels to the ring and immediately tackles Muta. He delivers lefts and rights indiscriminately before Muta takes a powder and leaves through the crowd.

Macho Man jumps up and points into the crowd and then looks into the camera removing the thick sunglasses to reveal his eyes are bright red with soulless white pupils as the scene closes the show.


May 31st 1999

Texas All Star Wrestling Power Pro Television
Taped from the Super Pit in Denton, Texas
May 31st 1999

The show opens with Doyle King and Blackjack Mulligan at ringside for Power Pro Wrestling. Tonight we will have just one match on the card, a gauntlet match and in the ring is Bill Watts to explain.

TASW President Bill Watts is in the ring with an unknown championship belt in hand. He says that there are a lot of places that cheapen their belts by having their talent defend them every week against inferior opponents just for the sake of having a title match on their card. Here in Texas, each championship match is signed and vetted by the TASW championship committee so it doesn't diminish the importance of our state titles. With that said, TASW also wants the fans to know their voices have been heard and that they love seeing matches where sometime is on the line and winners and losers matter. That is why tonight we are having a one night championship gauntlet where the winner will become the NEW TASW Power Pro Television Champion. This gives all of our live fans that attend Power Pro events a title match as well as the viewers at home. This title will ONLY be defended on Power Pro Television and the champion must defend the belt at minimum bi-weekly or face being stripped of the title. This means at least every other week, this title belt will be on the line against a worthy competitor! Now the rules of tonight are simple. Two men start, when one is defeated they are eliminated and must leave the ring. A new man enters the match and we will continue the process until the last man is standing and declared the first ever Power Pro TV  Champion. Now as a special stipulation, this tournament is only open to non champions so both members of the Union Jaxx and The Great Muta are not involved. As a special bonus, the winner will also receive a $25,000 check bonus! So let's get our first two men out here!

Round One:
Minoru Suzuki defeats One Man Gang after he had Gang up for the Gotch Piledriver but Gang reveresed it into a backbody drop but Suzuki held on for a sunset flip with the Gotch cradle to pin Gang.

After the match, Vader hits the ring and demolishes Suzuki. King and Mulligan aren't sure if Vader is the third entrant or not as he came out so fast but after beating on Suzuki he powerbombs him for the pin.

Round Two:
Vader beat Minoru Suzuki with the power bomb.

Round Three:
Vader beats Ultimo Guerrero when Guerrero misses a moonsault and Vader hits one of his own to pin Guerrero.

Round Four:
Vader and Yuji Nagata battle to a double countout. Both men seemingly broke each others nose and Vader eventually had to remove his mask because of the swelling. Gary Hart at ringside tripped Nagata up during the match and Nagata went outside to chase him. Vader followed after and the two started brawling and both were counted out. King and Mulligan say this is a good time for a break and we will be back with two brand new competitors!


Round Five:
Silver King defeated Judas with a cradle. After the match Cibernetico comes down to the ring and so does La Parka. All four men are brawling and referees and security come out to restore order. Back in the ring alone is Silver King when Hector Guerrero comes through the crowd and throws a fireball at Silver King! King is down and writhing in pain as his mask is scorched and burning up.

Round Six:
Cibernetico defeats Silver King rolling him up while in pain. After the match Dr. Wagner Jr. comes to the aid of his brother and La Parka jumps into the ring for the next round.

Round Seven:
Cibernetico defeats La Parka with a stunner. Eventually La Parka gets frustrated as Cibernetico introduces a chair but nobody can handle a chair like the chairman. La Parka gets his hands on it and goes to swing but Hector Guerrero again inserts himself into the match by grabbing the chair as La Parka was swinging. This led to the distraction that Cibernetico capitalized on hitting the stunner for the victory!


Round Eight:
Keiji Mutoh defeats Cibernetico. Doyle King immediately cries foul that Mutoh and Muta are the same but Mulligan is sly in pointing out that it cannot be proven much like the Machines could not have been proven in the 80's. King is confused but ultimately Mutoh is not forced to leave the ring and he defeats Cibernetico cleanly with the shining wizard.

Round Nine:
Hayabusa defeats Keiji Mutoh with the falcon arrow in a short segment we never got to really appreciate the match. Mutoh was surprised by Hayabusa's quickness and was defeated in a fashion that stunned even the Texas faithful. As he is about to leave the ring, it looks like a fan jumped the guard rail and is at ringside. Security has him quickly but as the camera pans, IT'S JUSHIN LIGER FROM WILDSIDE! What the hell is he doing here?!?! He's screaming something at Hayabusa about being better than him but the security is trying their best to remove him without incident. It looks like he leaves without a problem but then this  leads to....

Round Ten:
Jushin Thunder Liger defeats Hayabusa with knee to the back as he jumped the rail again and attacks Hayabusa followed up with a Liger bomb for the pin!

Bill Watts is unhappy at ringside and is starting to enter the ring as if the show the gauntlet is over when all of a sudden...


BOOKER T, the Houston Texas favorite son and top wrestling star in the world makes his way down to the ring! Watts is shocked to see Booker T but tells the referee to let it go!

Round Eleven:
Booker T defeats Jushin Thunder Liger to become the first ever Power Pro TV Champion! Back and forth action with Booker reversing a Liger bomb into a backbody drop and as Liger rose, Harlem Sidekick and a three quarter nelson for the pinfall!

After the match Booker T celebrates with the PPTV Title and the check for $25,000 as the show comes to a close!


June 7th 1999

Texas All-Star Wrestling
Power Pro Television
LIVE from the Super Pit in Denton, Texas
June 7 1999

The show opens with a recap of the AOL Web Chat that concluded last week's Power Pro Television episode with TASW President Bill Watts:

After the events on how the latest episode of Power Pro Television ended, Marc Lowerance caught up with TASW President Bill Watts in an exclusive interview for the Texas All Star Wrestling AOL Web Chat. This is what Bill had to say:

"First of all I want to apologize for getting caught up in the heat of the moment earlier tonight. I broke my own rule emphasizing the need for order and the contracts to be signed properly and legally. Jushin Thunder Liger nor Booker T as of this moment are members of the TASW roster. They work for our sister company, Wildside Wrestling under the WCFL banner. When Liger inserted himself into a TASW title gauntlet, I became furious that a non-contracted wrestler showed up unannounced. When Booker T followed suit, I should have had the same reaction but instead I made a judgment call at the moment and allowed Booker T to enter and eventually win to become the first Power Pro Television Champion. I've always said that just like those watching at home and in the arena's that I am a fan just as much as they are and sometimes my heart overtakes my brain and I get caught up in the heat of the moment. As of right now Booker T is recognized as the TASW Power Pro TV Champion....HOWEVER this is pending me returning to our office in Dallas and talking to the championship committee and board of directors on whether the decision will stand. One thing I will not allow anymore and I've been extremely lax on this as of late is wrestlers, especially for title belts, make their own matches and rules. This is a sport and sports have ground rules and guidelines. Just like in football, we cannot have a team just show up and insert themselves into the Super Bowl because of an extreme dislike for another team. We have to maintain these rules and regulations or else chaos and anarchy will follow...which it has been in TASW for the past few months. So as of now, Booker T is the champion but we need to go back and render a landmark decision on the matter. Hopefully we can have this resolved quickly by the next episode of Power Pro Television."

The intro rolls and we go to ringside with Doyle King and Blackjack Mulligan. They say later tonight Bill Watts will address the fate of the Power Pro TV Title but first up let's head to the ring for our first match!

Minoru Suzuki defeats One Man Gang with the Gotch Piledriver. After the match Vader climbs into the ring to challenge Suzuki who doesn't back down but Gary Hart keeps Vader back and escorts him out of the ring.


We come back from commercial to a backstage interview with Gary Hart and Jushin Thunder Liger. Hart says that he has not taken on Liger as a client but Liger admittedly does not speak a lot so he paid Hart $1,000 to deliver this message for him. He says that Hayabusa is delusional. He goes around the world thinking he's some type of super hero copying off his friend, Jushin Liger. Liger is the REAL super hero. He's had cartoons, comics and merchandise all about his life and now Hayabusa gets a narrator and is trying to cash in on the same as his so called friend. Liger came to the United States and ended up in Wildside Wrestling simply as a stop to prepare for what he will call "the destruction of the fake hero" being Hayabusa.

Back at ringside Doyle King says that tonight's main event will be the TASW Tag Team Champions, The Union Jaxx taking on Pretty Swingin' of Pepper Parks and Johnny Swinger. Let's hear from the champions.

Backstage The Union Jaxx are with Marc Lowerance and Fit Finlay says that they've been on about a six week  bender since winning the titles but now it is time to get to work and defend what took them four months to get. Nigel says that they don't respect guys who care more about their makeup blends and protein macros than fighting and brawling so these two losers they got next are the exact type of people they want to beat some sense into. Tonight the pretty boys get a dose of the ugly.

Dr. Wagner Jr. and Judas wrestle to a double DQ when both Silver King and Cibernetico become involved. Referees and security eventually disperse them.


In the ring Bill Watts is with the Power Pro TV Title belt. He says that Booker T and Jushin Thunder Liger were not signed to participate in the gauntlet match last week and therefore were not valid participants. HOWEVER given the events that have happened with their former employer, the TASW Board of Directors made a landmark decision and Bill would like to bring Booker T out now.


Booker T comes to the ring to huge applause. Bill Watts tells him that the decision is this, last week he was not a member of the roster. As he says that he pulls out a piece of paper from his sports jacket. Watts says that despite that, everyone in Texas would like for him to be a member going forward. IF Booker T signs his exclusive rights to join Texas All-Star Wrestling, the contract will go in effect retroactively from May 30th, 1999.
Booker T looks over the contract as Bill hands him a pen. He looks out into the crowd as they cheer and he immediately signs the contract! Watts takes the contract and says that now as of May 30th, 1999 Booker T was a member of the TASW roster and is the NEW Power Pro TV Champion!

The crowd is elated when Gary Hart comes out and says it is a travesty a man like Bill Watts can throw his power around like that. Hart says he has no horse in the fight regarding the TV Title but the fact Watts can make up retroactive dates and rules is garbage and he should be ashamed.

Watts says that Gary Hart likes to talk a lot and cause backstage chaos attacking men and injuring them with the intent of ending their careers but he won't settle things like a real man, in the ring.

Hart disgusted climbs into the ring and gets face to face with Bill Watts and says he has never feared a man in his life and he is not about to start. Watts chuckles and backs off and says he is happily retired and so is Hart from in ring competition but why not settle this easily. Hart sends one of his men out and Bill will make the match of that guy versus the new TV Champion, Booker T? Hart exclaims challenge is accepted and makes a waving motion and out comes VADER along with the rest of the Hart family.

Watts says no, he can only pick one man...Hart doesn't listen and all four men jump into the ring attacking Booker T! They take turns when from the back comes Minoru Suzuki and Yuji Nagata to help but it is still four on three...UNTIL STING DESCENDS FROM THE RAFTERS!!!!

The crowd explodes as the enigma Sting falls from the sky with three bats and along with Booker T and Minrou Suzuki now armed with bats clean house! Sting, emotionless points his bat at Gary Hart as the camera cuts to commercial.


A replay of the events that happened prior to the commercial break air. King says the crowd still hasn't recovered from that chaos but we have another match slated so let's head to the ring!

La Parka defeats Cibernetico via DQ when Hector Guerrero attacks him from the crowd.

After the match Bill Watts comes to ringside to grab a microphone and says that this is it for all the chaos and interference. From this point on...any person who interferes in a match regardless of reasoning will get a $5,000 fine and if they do not pay, they will be suspended for 30 days! This goes for EVERYONE!


A video package plays for the next big TASW pay per view, The Summer Sizzler! The event will take place at Ratliff Stadium in Odessa, Texas July 6th, 1999. Next week the main event will be revealed!

The Union Jaxx retain the TASW Tag Team Titles defeating Pretty Swingin' when McGuinness pinned fellow rookie Pepper Parks. After the match, Gary Hart said fine, they won this one but how about putting the belts on the line against the 2 Colossus of the family? The challenge is made, any time and any where....Vader and One Man Gang versus The Union Jaxx?

Show ends with the TASW Tag Team Champions nodding in approval and raising their respective belts up to end the show.


June 14th 1999

Texas All-Star Wrestling Presents:
Power Pro Television
LIVE from the Super Pit! in Denton, Texas
June 14 1999

The show opens with Doyle King, Blackjack Mulligan and Carlos Cabrera at ringside where they go over tonight's action. Tonight we will see Booker T in the main event defend his Power Pro TV Title against Pepper Parks. Also tonight, the main event for our Summer Sizzler event on July 6th will be announced plus much more action but right now TASW President Bill Watts is in the ring for an announcement.

Bill Watts welcomes everyone to Power Pro Television and says that summers in Texas are usually hot and exciting and professional wrestling will not be any different. As 1999 continues on, it is time to start the Texas Triple Crown! This year our first leg of the Triple Crown will be a Summer Excite Series which will culminate in Dallas Texas at the end of August and the winner will receive the Von Erich Cup and a title shot of their choosing! As was true with last year, if anyone can win all three of the Triple Crown Cup's they will receive a $1 million bonus!

Unlike last year where the Von Erich Cup was a one night gauntlet, this year will take place over several weeks and will be an 8 man round robin tournament. Two points for the winner, one point for a time limit draw and nothing for a loser. We will have two groups of four wrestlers which will be named the David and Kerry blocks. Again, Kevin Von Erich will be in attendance to present the winner with their trophy. This Summer Excite Series will start right after our next major pay per view, Summer Sizzler and next week we will unveil our David Von Erich block of four!


A video package plays of Hayabusa performing several martial arts kicks and parkour acts as a narrator depicts him as a super hero who will always fight for the people and no matter what, the phoenix always rises.

Match One:
Minoru Suzuki defeats Hector Guerrero via pinfall when La Parka struts down to the ring but is mindful to avoid getting involved. He simply plays his chair guitar for the front row fans. It was enough to distract Hector who gets rolled up by Suzuki for the victory.

After the match Hector Guerrero gets on the microphone and says that Texas is only big enough for one of these two so he want's a match at Summer Sizzler versus La Parka where the loser must leave Texas! La Parka strums his chair guitar in approval.


Backstage Gary Hart is with Marc Lowerance. He tells Marc that tonight the Patrick Swayze of professional wrestling claims the first title belt for the family, the Power Pro TV Title. Then at Summer Sizzler, the 2 Colossus of Vader and One Man Gang will claim the TASW Tag Team Titles against those two hooligans, McGuinness and Finlay. And then one of his men will go for the TASW Texas Title and the family will have all the power, all the money and most importantly, all the gold.

Match Two:
Johnny Swinger defeats Silver King with his Swing Time neckbreaker. During the match a video played in the arena showing Dr. Wagner Jr handcuffed by Cibernetico and Judas and being beaten mercilessly allowing Swinger to attack the distracted Silver King and gain the pinfall. After the match King left the ringside area in a hurry.


We come back from commerical and a camera has caught up with Silver King who is tending to his fallen and bloodied brother. King tries to cover his brother's face as it looks as if La eMe has stolen the mask off his head but Dr. Wagner Jr's face is so bloodied and battered it is hard to make out his facial structure.

At ringside Mulligan says that he's been on and given plenty of beatings in his day but that one was uncomfortable. Dr. Wagner Jr had both his arms behind his back because of the handcuffs and was completely unprotected for every shot he took.

Match Three:
Vader defeats Yuji Nagata with a power bomb after the match he says that he fears no man or men and that ther is no team big enough or bad enough to stop him and the One Man Gang.


A video package plays for Sting. Sting has been a silent participant in evening the odds for several random acts the past few weeks. The video package makes it clear that Sting is always watching, from the ashes he is the curse that has risen that is the prevailer of good with a voice that is silent. When you least suspect it, the light will shine through the darkness. That light? Is Sting.
Backstage we see Pepper Parks using some resistance bands to get warmed up as Gary Hart oils his pectoral region in preparation.

Bill Watts is in the ring and he says that it is time to announce the main event for Summer Sizzler. Right now he would like to bring out the TASW Texas Champion for a presentation.
Out comes The Great Muta who sulks towards the ring with the Texas Title. Bill Watts says that as TASW grows and we add more markets and add more fans, our world view grows past the scope of Texas which is why Bill would like to announce as of tonight, The Great Muta will be the LAST TASW Texas Champion.

He takes the belt away from The Great Muta who seems annoyed at the announcement. The crowd is delighted at first thinking he has been stripped but Bill Watts asks them to hold their cheers because he says that The Great Muta might be the last TASW Texas Champion but that is because he is now the first TASW AMERICAN HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION! Marc Lowerance is at ringside with a velvet case and from it comes a fresh and brand new TASW American Championship belt. Watts gives it to Muta who raises it into the air to a chorus of boos.
Thinking it is over, Muta goes to leave but Watts asks him to hold on as that was only the first part of his announcement. Now it is time to announce the actual match. Muta seems confused. Bill Watts says that at Summer Sizzler, on July the 6th, the Great Muta will defend his new TASW American Championship belt against this man.....


Pomp and Circumstance hits the PA system and out from the back comes a dead sprinting Macho Man Randy Savage! Savage hits the ring and nails Muta with a direct elbow to the head that sends Muta flying outside the ring. King points out that we haven't seen Randy Savage in a match since April when Muta blew that mist in his eyes and blinded him.

Macho Man grabs the mic from Bill and screams that July 6th, he'll be back in the ring and Muta better have insurance because the Macho Man is sending his *** to the hospital!


Match Four:
Booker T defeats Pepper Parks with the Harlem side kick to retain the Power Pro TV Title. The show ends with Gary Hart trying to attack Booker but getting tossed to the outside and Booker T celebrating with his TASW Power Pro TV Title belt to end the show!


june 21st 1999

Texas All Star Wrestling presents: POWER PRO TELEVISION
TAPED June 21 1999
From the Super Pit! in Denton Texas

The show opens with Doyle King, BlackJack Mulligan and Carlos Cabrera at ringside. They run down tonight’s show headlined by a singles match where Vader will take on Fit Finlay. The two are both part of the two teams who will face off on July 6th for the TASW Tag Team Championship. We will also hear from Macho Man Randy Savage about his upcoming return to the ring after three months recovering from the mist but right now let’s head to the ring for our opening contest.

Match One:
Cibernetico defeats Silver King with a planting DDT. After the match Judas comes to the ring with a pair of handcuffs. They were able to cuff one wrist of King but he is able to fight them off. After the match he tells everyone via translation through Carlos Cabrera that his brother isn’t here because of the brutal beating he took from those two but he will be back next week and they have a special challenge for Judas and Cibernetico if the two will meet them inside the ring next week to accept.


Bill Watts is backstage with Marc Lowerance and Bill says prior to the show tonight a special delivery came and it’s simply a black envelope with the words SiN written on it. There’s no message inside of it, just a black envelope and he’s curious to find out who sent it which is why he’s asking for whomever it is directly on TV to respond next week.

Match Two:
Yuji Nagata defeats One Man Gang via submission to the Nagata Lock. After the match Pepper Parks walks to the ring and tells Doyle King that Nagata is about a 3 out of 10 and Pepper is 11 out of 10.


Backstage Johnny Swinger is piling up with Mr Backlund walks up to him noting to the young man that he saw his partner Pepper Parks nose his way down to ringside and if the two know what is good for them they will cease the extracurricular activities immediately. Backlund walks away and Swinger shrugs calling him a weirdo. As he turns to walk away Backlund charges and locks in the chicken wing! He screeches and screams he’s not weird and the young man should listen as security pries him off Swinger.

At ringside the commentary team are shocked with Mulligan deadpanning that Backlund could still whup anyone he wants. They change gears now mentioning how it seems there are two “vigilantes” in Texas that being Sting and Hayabusa. King mentions that Sting is more an anti-hero whereas Hayabusa is the colorful comic book hero. Mulligan thinks it is weird two guys act like they are in a comic book but he can’t deny Sting or Hayabusa for that matter despite not seeing much of him.

Gary Hart comes to ringside with Jushin Liger who hands Hart a wad of cash to deliver his next message. He says he will face Hayabusa right now and end his career tonight. King and Mulligan mention they never know if he is even here tonight or any night as he seems to appear and disappear at will. Liger gets into the ring and points to the rafters but nothing happens. Finally not Hayabusa accepts the challenge but Minoru Suzuki does! He chases Hart from ringside still looking to avenge Hart’s role in his attack weeks ago before sliding into the ring to take on Liger.

Match Three
Minoru Suzuki defeats Jushin Thunder Liger with the Gotch Piledriver. After the match Suzuki leaves and the lights go out. When the come back Liger still reeling from his loss looks up and sees a judging Hayabusa up in the rafters staring down.


In a taped segment Macho Man Randy Savage is sitting poolside of his mansion with Mark Lowerance. Mark says that when this airs the match will have been made. July 6th the Macho Man returns to reclaim the title he never got a chance to enjoy, The now named American Championship.

Savage is very subdued and quiet as he takes a deep breath still wearing sunglasses to hide his eyes. He speaks not with force but soft and sincere. He says that he sees what people are saying on the internet, he knows there are people in this world that thing the Macho Man is washed up. Macho says that he knows that he’s 46 years old and will be 47 in November and his body feels every bit of those 46 years on this earth. But these people who type in their chat rooms and their emails saying the Macho Man is old and finished in the ring, were the ones that never gave him a shot. All his life he’s heard the negatives and the pessimists about his style, his life and now his age. Unlike those people the Macho Man turns that into the fuel. The fuel to push the 46 year old body past the norms. Yeah the Macho Man is 46 but he wouldn’t be Macho if he didn’t prove everyone wrong time and time again. On July 6th, and this is not from Randy Savage, this is from Randy Poffo, all the naysayers can keep running their mouths, typing their venom because once the gear is put on and the pomp and circumstance plays, that 46 will mean nothing and the Macho Madness just like it has done for the past 25 years will consume the stadium and on that night the Madness will mean Champion of America.


Before our main event Doyle King mentions that next week Booker T will be back to defend his Power Pro TV Title against Hector Guerrero and La Parka will take on Judas as part of our double main event. Also the American Heavyweight Champion, The Great Muta will be in action! All this plus the names of the David Von Erich block of the Summer Excite Series so don’t miss it!

Match Four
Vader defeats Fit Finlay with a powerbomb. Vader tried for a powerbomb but Finlay countered into a back body drop landing on top of Vader. Vader was able to bridge his massive 450 pound body slightly to spin both he and Finlay back around and dead lift Finlay from the mat all the way up for a powerbomb and pin fall.

Vader celebrates with his manager Gary Hart in the ring as the show closes.


June 27th 1999

TASW Power Pro Television
From the Super Pit! in Denton Texas
June 27th 1999

Prior to the show's airing we see a memorial for wrestling fan Derek Torres a friend of Texas All Star Wrestling family for years who's life was tragically taken on June 25th. Please consider donating to help the family pay for funeral expenses  By Clicking Here.

The show opens at ringside where TASW President Bill Watts is with Doyle King with a preturbed look on his face. He says that he received another envelope prior to tonight's show and he shows it to the camera. It is a black envelope with gold trim and lettering. The envelope says "SiN" and Bill says that last week he demanded to know who was sending these and this might be the answer.

He opens the envelope and this time there is a picture inside of Gary Hart with the eyes crossed out. On the back of the picture the world GREED is written in all capitals. Bill asks for Gary Hart to come to ringside now because he has questions.

As he waits, a referee comes up to Bill and whispers something to Watts. Watts yells to get a camera back there and leaves ringside in a hurry.

After a few moments we see the camera has found a lifeless Gary Hart laying on the floor backstage face bloodied with a black rose laying on his chest with the word SiN attached to the rose. Watts finally reaches backstage and takes one look and yells for production to go to commercial.


Back from commercial we are at ringside with Doyle King, Blackjack Mulligan and Carlos Cabrera.

Before they could even speak and angry Vader comes down to ringside and demands to know who the hell attacked his manager? Who hides behind a letter? He thinks it is Mr. Backlund who is clearly insane and has a perverse sense of morality. Vader says he is going to get into the ring and he won't leave until someone makes him!

At first Bill Watts himself comes to the ring to talk to Vader but Vader refuses to listen to him. After another few minutes, Yuji Nagata comes to the ring with Mr. Backlund. Mr. Backlund tells King that he would never stoop to attacking someone like that. Part of being an upstanding citizen is to face things head on but if Vader wants to oblige to a fight, Nagata will answer.

Yuji Nagata defeats Vader via DQ. Vader almost immediately attacked Nagata and throw him into the corner and laid in his trademark punches. He would not stop after the referee counted five and continued the assault until Minoru Suzuki and Mr. Backlund both jumped into the ring to shove Vader away.


Back from commercial we are again at ringside with our announcers. King mentions how maybe now they will get to do the intro without interruption. They pause for a second to wait for someone but when nobody disrupts them they finally get through the intro. Tonight the main event is Booker T defending his Power Pro TV Title against Hector Guerrero but up next we have Judas taking on La Parka.

Judas defeats La Parka. Judas ripped at La Parka's mask causing a distraction allowing Judas to hit a roaring closeline to pin La Parka. After the match Judas reaches into his tights to pull out a pair of handcuffs. He handcuffs La Parka to the top ring rope and starts assaulting him and tearing at the mask some more until Silver King and Dr. Wagner Jr rush the ring to break it up. After the match Carlos Cabrera gets into the ring where Dr. Wagner Jr challenges Judas and Cibernetico to a tag team PRISON DEATH MATCH for July 6! Judas nods in approval as Cibernetico meets him at ringside and both nod in agreement!


After the commercial Carlos Cabrera explains what Dr. Wagner Jr told him was a Prison Death Match. It is basically a steel cage double chain match where a man from each team will be handcuffed with a 10 foot chain to one another. There will be night sticks and other handcuffs as well as keys to try and remove the handcuff freeing yourself from an opponent. There will be no pinfalls and the only way to win is to force both men on the opposite team to concede.

Joining them at ringside is Silver King and he says that he wants Cibernetico in the ring now for a rematch from last week with a little incentive. The winner of their match tonight will get to choose who is attached to who on July 6th. After a few seconds, Cibernetico joins Silver King in the ring and the match is on!

Cibernetico defeats Silver King with a pump knee strike. Cibernetico, wearing a giant protective brace on his knee seemed to manuever it in a strange way prior to finishing Silver King off. The referee looked at the knee brace but it seemed to be within the rules of the sport.


A video package for Hayabusa plays of his adventures in Japan and several citizens of the country honoring him as a real life super hero.

At ringside BlackJack Mulligan says that he hasn't been this blown up since going 40 minutes with Flair in the 1970's and Doyle King agrees. One week from the next big pay per view and all hell has definitely broken loose tonight! Up next the TASW American Champion will be in action but let's take a look back at our champion, The Great Muta.

A video package plays of The Great Muta and his major victories in Texas since arriving in April. The final shot of the package was of Muta spraying the red mist into Randy Savage's eyes causing his three month layoff to injury.

The Great Muta defeats a local talent in quick order. After the match, Muta teases this local man with mist first into the sky and then close to his face. It looks like he is going to spray a huge cloud right into his lifeless eyes when Macho Man in a dead sprint rushes to the ring and tackles Muta. Savage hits him several times before throwing him to the outside. He climbs the top rope and nails a double axe handle on Muta to the floor. Muta rolls away and stumbles his way through the crowd as Macho Man tries to claw at Muta for more damage.


Prior to our main event, Bill Watts comes to ringside and says that the TASW American Championship match is proving to be a hostile and volatile situation and as TASW President, he does not want to put either of his employed referees into that fire. So he's decided to make a special referee for that match. A man who has taken Texas by storm the past month, the current TASW Power Pro TV Champion, Booker T!

Booker T comes down to the ring and shakes hands with Bill. Bill says that since his championship belt is only defended on television and not pay per view, Booker T is not booked for July 6th and he has proven himself to be one of the toughest men in the sport today. Bill thanks Booker for accepting the role. Booker T says that Texas has always been home and he is happy to be back and anything to help keep order in Texas, he will gladly oblige.

Booker T defeats Hector Guerrero with the Harlem Hangover to retain the Power Pro TV Title. After the match Booker T celebrates in the ring with his championship belt as the show fades to black.

BUT BEFORE THE SHOW ENDS, a video package of Bill Watts airs where he mentions how the Summer Excite Series will start July 12th and tonight Block A, also known as the David Von Erich Block is revealed. From July 12th over those next few weeks we find out who will be the next Von Erich Cup winner. The two blocks, David and Kerry will be announced and a little spoiler from the ol' cowboy, the other Von Erich boys will have special events related to them so fans of Chris and Mike, rest assured they have not been forgotten. For now here is WCFL representative and brother of the Von Erich boys, Kevin Von Erich to introduce the David block.

Kevin comes on screen and shakes hands with Bill Watts and introduces the names:

Yuji Nagata
Nigel McGuinness
Randy Savage
Pepper Parks

Kevin mentions the Kerry Block will be revealed on July 6th and may the best man win.

July 6th 1999 Summer Sizzler!
From Ratliff Stadium in Odessa Texas

Match 1:
Minoru Suzuki and Yuji Nagata vs. Pepper Parks and Johnny Swinger

Match 2:
La Parka vs. Hector Guerrero - The loser will have to leave Texas for 90 Days

Match 3:
Nigel McGuinness and Fit Finlay (Union Jaxx) vs. Vader and One Man Gang (2 Colossus) - for the TASW Tag Team Championship

Match 4:
Dr. Wagner Jr. and Silver King vs. Cibernetico and Judas - Prison Death Match

Match 5:
Hayabusa vs. Jushin Thunder Liger

The Great Muta vs. Macho Man Randy Savage - for the TASW American Championship, Booker T special referee


July 6th 1999: Summer Sizzler

Summer Sizzler! AKA Drew can't write a blow off show!
From Ratliff Stadium in Odessa Texas

Match 1:
Minoru Suzuki and Yuji Nagata defeat Pepper Parks and Johnny Swinger when Suzuki pins Swinger after the Gotch Piledriver.

Match 2:
La Parka defeats Hector Guerrero and as a result Hector must leave Texas for 90 days

Match 3:
Nigel McGuinness and Fit Finlay (Union Jaxx) defeat Vader and One Man Gang (2 Colossus) to retain the TASW Tag Team Titles. Gary Hart, still recovering from last week was not at ringside. Finlay pinned One Man Gang. After the match Vader left One Man Gang in the ring alone in disgust.

Match 4:
Dr. Wagner Jr. and Silver King defeat Cibernetico and Judas in the Prison Death Match. Cibernetico as a result of his victory last week chose to be chained to Silver King. During the match he found a key and was able to unlock himself but later in the match that led to Silver King eventually handcuffing Cibernetico to the cage allowing a double team on Judas until he conceded.

Match 5:
Hayabusa defeated Jushin Thunder Liger with the Falcon Arrow.

Prior to the main event Macho Man introduces sequin goggles for both he and Booker T to wear during the main event.

Macho Man Randy Savage defeated The Great Muta for the TASW American Championship. Muta tried to mist both Booker T and Savage during the match to no avail. Eventually Muta hit Booker T with a spin kick and tried to pry the goggles off but Savage kept the assault on and eventually was able to hit the flying elbow as Booker T recovered to count the pin.

As Macho Man celebrated, his good friend Sting descended from the rafters to hug Savage. As he raises the hand of Savage, he pulls him back and hits him with the Scorpion Death Drop. As Savage lays on the mat, Sting places a black rose on his chest with the word WRATH attached to it as the scene fades to black.

TASW will return with the Summer Excite Series beginning July 19th with the first matchups from the David Von Erich block as well as the announcement of the Kerry Von Erich block!


July 18th 1999

TASW presents: Power Pro TV
Live from The Super Pit! In Denton, Texas

After the video package introduction highlighting Randy Savage winning the American Heavyweight championship we cut to ringside with Doyle King but with him is not his usual partner Black Jack Mulligan but the WCFL Representative Nick Bockwinkel.

King welcomes us to another edition of Power Pro TV and says that his friend and broadcast partner Black Jack Mulligan is attending to a family matter and could not attend today but in his absence is former World Champion and current representative of the WCFL, Nick Bockwinkel. King puts over Nick’s intellect and way with words that should help him fill the role perfectly. Nick says he doubts there will be much hooting and “yee hawing” from him as opposed to the usual excitement with Mulligan but he will try his best.

King points out they have a little bit of breaking news as just prior to the show going live, TASW found out that Hector Guerrero has opted to leave the Texas area all together as opposed to serving just his 90-day suspension. Nick says that he was backstage with Bill Watts when the letter came and Bill decided to honor it completely. Nick makes sure to tell the audience that La eMe terrorized Texas and the entire southwest for almost an entire year to the day so although TASW is losing a great talent, the state just wasn’t big enough for La eMe and TASW to co-exist. King says that also prior to going live, they were able to get comments from Cibernetico and Judas subtitled to air now.

Cibernetico says that La eMe is dead as of this day forward and it seems everyone in the group has abandoned ship. Dr. Wagner Jr has abandoned to join his brother. Hector has abandoned to tuck his tail between his legs and limp home BUT Ciber the “Main Man” and the Unholy Judas are not going anywhere. From now on their mission is the same as before, regain the TASW Tag Team Titles but the only difference is no longer La eMe but now KAOZ!

Back at ringside Nick Bockwinkel points out these men are tremendous lucha libre stars and just because they ran in a pack doesn’t diminish the fact that when they are motivated they are incredibly dangerous. If there was ever a team to become the first ever two time tag team champions, he has his money on Ciber and Judas.

Doyle King says that it is time for a commercial break but after, Marc Lowerance sat down with the newest member of the TASW roster earlier this week and it was one of the most humbling interviews ever seen. Marc sits down with “Buff” Bagwell, right after this!


There is a black curtain with a silver chair in front that is empty. Coming in to sit we see a man wearing a black and white pin striped suit with sunglasses. As he removes the glasses we see it is Buff Bagwell. He takes a deep breath and announces himself. “My name is Marcus Alexander Bagwell but most of you know me know as “Buff the Stuff” Bagwell. And well….this is my story.”

The camera cuts to Bagwell sitting with Marc Lowerance. Marc is a little taken aback. He says that he was surprised to receive a call from Bagwell asking to him to do this interview. When Buff provided the questions, he wasn’t sure he was going to oblige but then he read the questions. Marc asks Buff if he is sure he wants to do this?

Buff sighs and says yes and they proceed.


Most people don’t remember or realize but Marcus Bagwell wasn’t even a name on a roster but most have seen him wrestle right here in Texas as the “Masked Stranger.” It was a simple life, Marcus had good looks and was young and the promoter at the time wanted him to act like a Chippendale stripper to play up to the ladies and it worked.


This is where it becomes difficult but Buff isn’t ashamed to admit he has had “work done” on his body. That he has favored enhancing his body because of that humble beginning working as a fake stripper in front of 300 people. It instilled in his mind he had an image to maintain and any time something sagged or something looked off, he had to get it fixed. He isn’t proud now but he did what he had to do to maintain that level.


The fame, the money, the booze and the girls, especially the girls. They all took a toll. He went from the Handsome Stranger to the pretty southern kid from Georgia to “Buff the Stuff” but it all came back to one thing, vanity. Every time Marcus looked in the mirror, he saw the women, he saw the dollar signs and he let it get to his head. He changed his name from Marcus Bagwell to Buff Bagwell, he started rolling money in all directions and had a woman almost in every state.


Bagwell will admit that he let his professional wrestling abilities faulter as he put more stock in his appearance but an incident changed his life forever. A broken neck. The belief or possibility he might never walk again and why? He was too focused how good looking he was and how he could enhance his body, he forgot the most basic of wrestling skill and it almost cost him his life.


No longer is there a Buff Bagwell. Just Marcus Alexander Bagwell, humble country boy from Marietta, Georgia. He may flex sometimes and may smile pretty for the ladies he won’t forget them but the time for just being handsome and pretty is over and now is the time to lift heavy and win matches and the one place to do that is where it all began, right here in Texas!



Back at ringside Doyle King informs us that tonight’s main event will be a non-tournament matchup as Booker T defends his Power Pro TV Title against The Great Muta and in a shock King was told that Gary Hart will be in Muta’s corner for the match! Bockwinkel says that he knows the two had a major falling out back in 91 or 92 but time and also necessity often removes the salt from those wounds. Right now let’s head to the ring for the first match of the Summer Excite Series.

Match One:
Vader defeats Hayabusa with a Vader Bomb. After the match Gary Hart and One Man Gang come to ringside. Gary Hart calls Vader a fraud. He acts like he’s tough but that’s all it is, an act. The read monster in Texas comes from Halstead St who lived in the gutters and ate with the dogs. Any man who survived that long is the real monster and that man is The One Man Gang. Vader motions to invite him into the ring but Hart tells Vader just like everything else in life, The best things come to those who wait. Vader will get his soon enough. Vader screams he’s a rat. Hart nods and smiles. He says yeah he’s a rat but remember one thing and remember it well. He’s the king of the rats.


Match Two:
American Heavyweight Champion “Macho Man” Randy Savage defeats Pepper Parks with a flying elbow drop. After the match the arena goes black. On the video screen there’s static. Then laughter. More static. More laughter. Finally a voice:

What of the pious, the pure of heart, the peaceful?
What of the meek, the mourning, and the merciful?
All doomed.


A crow burns onto the video screen before more laughter and pure black.


At ringside Randy Savage is with Doyle and Nick. He says that if Sting, who he called a brother until two weeks ago thinks that he’s going to psyche out the Macho Man he’s more delusional than Randy originally thought. Randy hasn’t been much on words lately but he has a few for Sting and they include ass and beating and “how about Sting gets his ass down here now for a beating!”

The crowd roars but there is no response. Macho Man tells Nick and Doyle to rest assured it took him months to get back to where he’s at now and he’s not going to let some freak in paint send him back to the sidelines so the challenge is laid right now. Stinger if you want it just sign the dotted line OOOHHHH YEAHHHHH!!!!

Backstage Dr Wagner Jr and Silver King are with Carlos Cabrera who translates their live comments. They both thought the feud was over but it’s not. Only the names have changed but it doesn’t matter. Los Hermanos vs KAOZ or Los Hermanos vs Union Jaxx or how about all of the above? Let’s find out who the best tag team is in Texas....no no no the world! Remember Jaxx and remember KAOZ. Blood always flows thicker than water. You may call yourself brothers in arms but Wagner Jr and Silver King. That's real blood.


Match Three:
Yuji Nagata and Nigel McGuinness wrestle to a 15 minute draw both earning one point.

A VTR with Kevin and his young sons Ross and Marshall introduce the Kerry Block of the Summer Excite Series:

Kerry Von Erich Block:

Minoru Suzuki
The Great Muta
Booker T
One Man Gang
Jushin Thunder Liger


Match Four:
Booker T retains the Power Pro TV Title via DQ against The Great Muta when the referee catches Gary Hart tripping Booker as he went for the Harlem Sidekick. After the match Hart, Muta and One Man Gang triple team Booker until Vader comes out and makes the save. Vader stares the new Hart Family down as the scene closes to end the show.

David Von Erich Block Standings:
Vader - 2
Randy Savage - 2
Yuji Nagata - 1
Nigel McGuinness - 1
Pepper Parks - 0
Hayabusa - 0


July 25th 1999

WCFL: Texas All-Star Wrestling
Taped from The Super Pit! in Denton, Texas
July 25, 1999

The show opens with Bill Watts in the ring. He says that unfortunately Hayabusa requested his release in order to return home back to Japan. Some people can handle the tough schedule, some cannot but Texas wishes the best to him in whatever his next venture is.

With that now we have an open spot in the Summer Excite Series and to fill that spot there will be a buy in match. Both men are debuting and have agreed to take the loss Hayabusa suffered last week and work at a disadvantage in the series. Tonight Marcus Alexander Bagwell will take on Bison Smith and the winner will take the place of Hayabusa in the Summer Excite Series.

We head to ringside with Doyle King and Nick Bockwinkel. Mulligan again is out with a family issue but should return next week. Tonight Randy Savage will take on Johnny Swinger in a non title main event also the first round of matches of the Kerry Von Erich block will take place so let’s head to the ring for the opening contest.

Match One:
Jushin Thunder Liger beats One Man Gang by DQ when Gary Hart hands Gang a 15 foot chain and Gang started choking Liger. Vader hit the ring and cleared it to help Liger.


Backstage Carlos Cabrera is with Dr Wagner Jr and Silver King. They announce next week they will take on KAOZ with the winners going on to challenge the Tag Team Champions, Union Jaxx in the future. King says that this match will be brutal and not for the faint of heart but both he and his brother know the feud won’t end until one team is gone for good.

Match Two:
Booker T beats Sting by default. Sting never showed for his match. Bill Watts comes to the ring and gets on the microphone and says that he already had one talent give up and Sting can think this is all part of his mind games but this is will not stand. Simply put Stings next match in the series is in two weeks. If he doesn’t show, Watts will make sure Sting is blackballed from the WCFL and will hit him with a $100,000 fine. The largest in Texas history.


Backstage returning from break we see the debuting Bison Smith walking to the ring and he bumps into Vader. The two share a mutual nod and fist bump.

Match Three:
Marcus Alexander Bagwell Beats Bison Smith with the blockbuster. Smith dominated the match but one mistake allowed Bagwell to climb the top rope and hit the blockbuster for the win.


Match Four:
The Great Muta beat Minoru Suzuki by reversing the Gotch Piledriver into a back body drop and following it up with the shining wizard.


A video promo airs of Pepper Parks reading lines of some of Patrick Swayze’s famous movies but always seems to get bored and says that just because he’s pretty like Patrick doesn’t mean he’s as boring as he is. Pepper Parks is greater that Swayze in every category.

Match Five:
Randy Savage Beats Johnny Swinger with the flying elbow drop. After the match the lights go black and on the video screen plays a message. Sitting on the throne of bones is Sting sans his paint but dark sun glasses hiding his face.

Carry them over your shoulders, you’re fear.


Cut off your wings and come lock me up.


I’ll rain on your parade because I want to feel it.


No hint of movement, no sign of pulse.


I think you’re doomed.

No more laughter as Sting removes his sun glasses and a burning crow blazes on the video screen to end the show.


July 31st 1999

The show opens at ringside the .org Doyle King and Blackjack Mulligan who thanks the fans for the letters and well wishes and emails. He says that this was nothing more than a family vacation with the kids and grandkids but still warms his old bones to know the fans of Texas still care.

Tonight the main event is KAOZ taking on Los Hermanos in a number one contenders match for the Tag Team Titles which we’ve confirmed the match will take place the same night as the Von Erich Cup Summer Excite Series finals! Tonight the David block will be in action and as seen last week there has been a replacement as Marcus Bagwell replaced Hayabusa after defeating Bison Smith for the play in match. Before we go to the ring to see Bagwell versus Pepper Parks let’s hear from his opponent last week Bison Smith with what we are told his new mentor.

Backstage Marc Lowerance is with Bison Smith and standing behind him is the man called Vader. Bison says last week was a real wake up call. When he was walking to the ring he walked past Vader and said to himself “that’s the man I want to be.” Losing to a guy like Marcus Bagwell made him question his career choice but when he got backstage defeated. There was Vader. Vader told Bison that he did good out there and to keep pushing. After a week of thinking, before the show Bison went to Vader and asked him to teach him the ways of the mastodon. Vader said gladly and now the team is here, The Mastodons. Vader tells Marc with the Hart Family and One Man Gang lurking it’s always good to have another set of eyes, eyes that can be trusted when the time comes.

Match One:
Marcus Bagwell defeats Pepper Parks with a block buster earning 2 points. Before the match Pepper got on the microphone and said Buff doesn’t want to be called Buff because he knew he couldn’t match up with the real heart throb in Texas, the Patrick Swayze of pro wrestling, Pepper Parks!

After the match Pepper at ringside asked a woman in the front row for a compact mirror to check his face for bruising as we head to commercial.


The crow flames across the screen and stays there.

In a cameo of worlds...I want oblivion all the time.


I want oblivion all the time.
I want oblivion all the time.
I want oblivion all the time.


The crow flames out and a scorpion flames on with the words “next week.”

Back at ringside we see Macho Man sprinting from the entrance way into the ring with microphone in hand.

Sting you want to announce yourself for next week, come by me! I’m announcing that I’m whipping your ass next week OOOOOH YEAAAAAAH!

Backstage Carlos Cabrera is with KAOZ. Ciber the Main Man says that they’ve been warning Texas the past month just because it’s a new name doesn’t mean it’s anything new from what they’ve already seen. Judas adds blood, pain, torture, suffering. Ciber ends saying these are the ways of KAOZ and all will kneel.

Match Two:
Vader defeats Yuji Nagata with a vadersault to earn two points. Both Bison Smith and Minoru Suzuki were at ringside but neither interfered in the technically sound match in the ring.


Backstage Marc Lowerance is with Gary Hart and the One Man Gang. Hart says he saw Vader join forces with the green Bison Smith and that’s fine. Vader can team up with the entire roster because Vader should know that as “king of the rays” Gary Hart will stoop to any level imaginable to get a single taste of revenge. And one more thing. Be careful Vader who you let into your inner circle. You know better than anyone that everyone and anyone can be bought or swayed to the dark side if Gary wills it to be.

Match Three:
TASW American Champion Randy Savage defeats Nigel McGuinness with a small package reversing the Jawbreaker lariat. After the match the two shook hands in a sign of respect though McGuinness was clearly disappointed in the result.


Nigel now sitting at ringside and is joined by his tag team partner Finlay with the Tag Team Title belts as they will join the winners of tonight’s main event for a photo op to promote the title match.

Match Four:
KAOZ defeats Los Hermanos when Ciber pins Silver King. The match had plunder a plenty but senior referee Mark Curtis allowed the match to be contested with no disqualification. The finish saw Ciber hit a top rope Apocalypitica into a Judas lung blower called the Gateway to Hell on Silver King.

After the match Union Jaxx come into the ring with the belts in hand. There are no hand shakes or congratulations. KAOZ gets their long awaited rematch against the team who beat them in April. They stare each other down and then Ciber throws fire at Finlay! Finlay was able to use the Tag Team Title belt to deflect the flames but Union Jaxx are left in the ring in shock as KAOZ is on the outside floor pointing and laughing at the Union Jaxx to end the show.

Summer Excite Series Standings:

David Von Erich Bracket:

Randy Savage - 4
Vader - 4
Marcus Bagwell - 2
Yuji Nagata - 1
Nigel McGuinness - 1
Pepper Parks - 0

Kerry Von Erich Bracket:

The Great Muta -2
Booker T - 2
Jushin Thunder Liger - 2
Sting - 0
One Man Gang - 0
Minoru Suzuki - 0