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About Wolf

My earliest memory is of professional wrestling. Going over to my cousin's house as a toddler in 1987 to witness the spectacle that was WrestleMania 3. Ever since then, I've dedicated most of my life towards learning the craft. For many of my birthday's I went to Ilio Dipaolo's restaurant and Ilio would come up to me and greet me with grandfatherly open arms and I felt so at home, I started to look for old wrestling matches from the 1950s and 1960s. Ilio had a collection of matches of his own featuring guys like Hans Schmidt, Lou Thesz and perhaps his most famous match, against Gorgeous George.

I was hooked from that instant on wrestling and history. As I grew older I knew I had several career choices, none of which worked out. Become a historian, become a wrestler or become neither. Neither is what ended up happening, but not without trying. In 2002 I decided I was going to train to be a professional wrestler. From 2002 to 2006 I traveled all over the Western NY area, as far east as Boston, MA, as far south as Erie, PA and as far north as Simcoe Ontario Canada. A bad injury ended that but in 2010 I gave it another try but by 2012 I knew my body wasn't going to make it for the long haul.

Also in 2010 I decided to enroll for my Masters in United States History. My concentration was on the time period just prior to the United States Civil War. I had hoped one day to be a college professor and while researching American History, also researching professional wrestling history. After maintaining a 3.9 GPA I turned to my 9 to 5 job which was offering a greater advancement and long term security so I left the field of History. Thanks to my grad school tenure I was left with a bunch of resources either free or for an extremely high student discount. With that I set off on my journey to discover the narrative of wrestling history and results.

 I consult often with Steve Yohe who is the foremost source of wrestling history and he's encouraged me, along with others like Tim Hornbaker and Steve Johnson to start publishing the research I've found. That is what this website has become. I try to find cities and years that are not on the internet. Sometimes Yohe will tell me he has a stack of papers from someone like Don Luce but it isn't posted on the internet so I should feel free to post what I find without worry of "credit." So my guidelines are usually trustworthy websites from the above mentioned historians on whether I'll research a city or year. If it is not on their website, I usually email them to ask if it just isn't uploaded. If they tell me they have nothing or very limited information, I'll commit to the research. If they have something and are willing to share, I try my best to fill in the gaps for them. In those cases you'll probably see me post over at the Wrestling Classics Message Board, in the Lou Thesz section with the username FantasyWrestlerDrew.

Please feel free to use any results I may have found as long as I am credited with the original research. It has nothing to do with fame or monetizing my work but I do feel regardless of paid or free effort, everyone should be credited with the work they put into any hobby or trade.  I will try to always include a date on my uploading purely for record keeping.