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These are some of the names that have contributed to my website or helped me when I was unsure of a name or specific date. These aren't just friends of the site but actual participants in research.

Steve Yohe

Steve may not have directly contributed but often times needing someone who has come before you to approve of the efforts you put in is enough. That is Steve Yohe who has helped me cultivate my love of history and professional wrestling into one medium. Recently Steve did an interview with Slam! Sports that nicely shows his worth to the community better than I ever could, so check that out!

Tim Hornbaker

Thanks to Steve, I have been able to  interact with several other wrestling historians and the one I never thought I'd talk to was Tim Hornbaker. His two books, The National Wrestling Alliance: The Untold Story and Death of the Territories are a must read for any fan of wrestling history. Tim has been a great help as he has excellent organizational skills and his website. Legacy of Wrestling is a huge resource on what information has already been compiled.

Steve Johnson

I once emailed Steve on a whim just to see if he had anything regarding Western New York that isn't already on his website, Steel Belt Wrestling. He took the time to let me know exactly what he's done and hasn't done yet and anything I had that he did not, he would take the time to check over and make sure everything was researched properly. His website was one of the first I ever visited when I was just a fan wanting to learn history so his site is an absolute treasure for anyone who wants to see the history of the Steel Belt of the United States.

Scott Teal

Again thanks to Steve Yohe, Scott has become another resource for a lot of the research I've done. He's often given suggestions on cities and years and it helps when so much research has already been done to have someone who is willing to point a greenhorn in the right direction. Scott, is another man who has done a lot of published works and helped co-write some of the best wrestling autobiographies in the business ever. He is also the Vice-President of the Califlower Alley Club and is a well established name in professional wrestling history.