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Steve Yohe's Southern California Hall of Fame Project

Written by Steve Yohe: December 27th 2014

Sense it seems like I'm going to live forever and I'll got a world of time to waste now that I'm retired, and because I'm looking for a new project…I'm thinking of running a Los Angeles (Southern Californian) Hall of Fame. I don't have any intention of turning it into anything important, but I think it would be a fun thing to play on over the coming years…and it does seem like I'm not dropping out for years to come.

This will be a HOF run by me, under my rules. But the only thing I'll actually run is the candidate list and the counting of the votes.

This would be a HOF covering the total history of Los Angeles….not just the 1970’s. It even begins before 1925 & the building of the Olympic Auditorium (although I don’t list more than a few that wrestled before 1924). And it goes up until today.

To be a candidate, a wrestler has to have contributed to Los Angeles wrestling history. They have to have been LA territory wrestlers at one time or another. I put major people of this first list, but I could see adding minor guys who were important in LA, but may mean nothing anywhere else.

There have been many company’s in the city over the years and this will cover such company’s as the WWA, WWF, AAA, and even PWG or any era. If it was in LA it counts.

I'm not looking for experts or great historians for voters. The only qualification needed is an interest in Los Angeles wrestling.  If you don't know who these people are, you can research them or not…I plan on writing a very short bio on them explaining some of their qualifications relevant to LA wrestling. Short bios….. I may not live as long as I think. I would love to have others join in and campaign for anyone they want.

I will list 100 candidates each voting period. Everyone who agrees to vote, can pick 10 names in order of preference. #1 gets 10 points…and down the list….#2 gets 9…till #10 gets 1 point. Then I will count the points. The top 3 vote getters will become members in the Yohe’s version of the Southern California Hall Of Fame. No papers…no rings …and no building. And no Dave Meltzer unless he wants to vote. I will post the results on the Thesz site…because that’s where I hang out.

Each voting period will last 30 days and each vote will take place every 6 months. The actual dates will be de termed when I get everything together. If posters like this kind of thing, others can create their own HOF for their territory.

Every voting period will produce 3 HOF’ers…or 6 a year. Every period I'll replace the 3 spots with new wrestlers. I'm also thinking of having voters list a bottom 3 or 5 names. After counting negative points,those winning names will be taken off the list for at least a year. Of course I'm in control, and if an important name like Jim Londos (or Hulk Hogan) is on the negative list….I might just over rule it.

Over time I'll work on ways to let others pick candidates.

I've also have spot for non-workers (wrestlers). I'll make a list of promoters, announcers, managers, trainers etc. Important people in the area. The one with the most points will go in. So 2 a year.

So I need voters. Fans interested in Los Angeles Wrestling and are smart. I would love to get important local guys (and I'll work on that)……but I'll take anyone interested. There are very few of us left that went to the Olympic in the 60’s & 70’s. Us Los Angeles guys joke that there are more LA fans in NYC & the East Coast than California, because in the 70’s it was on cable TV in Spanish. We also had a close relationship with Japan. 

Your votes are for me & I will not post them on line. It’s just like voting for the WON HOF or my TOP 100 list last year. If you post your picks great, but no one will do it for you without permission.

If you want to vote, maybe post something here & send me an email (stevedyohe@aol.com). If I get a sample like 25 people wanting to vote now & like until Steve Yohe dies or gets a brain lock. We’ll go with it. If not I’ll delete this & the idea.

I'll need names (you want to use) and your email address. When the voting period starts, I'll email you the list of candidates (with short bios) and I'll also post it on the Thesz site. You'll have a 30 days time limit to get the vote back to me.

I know it may not work well at first but it could build some conversation about Los Angeles wrestling, that may keep it alive a little while longer than our life times. Of course I may never leave the Thesz site. That’s everyone’s problem but mine.

Original Project Location

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Steve has said that he would like to do one more round of voting but with turnout low, this may not happen. This will be reserved for 2020 should another round of voting occurs.

About the project


Steve Yohe

Born in California and raised on Los Angeles Olympic Auditorium, Steve has made his love of professional wrestling into the artform of wrestling history we see today. Steve served in Vietnam and later re-enlisted as a medic using his time there to slowly learn college level writing. With this and networking with others, Steve has published several essays and record books on professional wrestling that are considered the authority for anyone wanting to learn wrestling history. In 2009, Steve was honored with the Califlower Alley Club's Historian Award and was congratulated by one of the men he grew up idolizing and his good friend (and first ballot HOF'er) Dick "The Destroyer" Beyer seen left. Thanks to Mike Lano for the picture and Slam! Wrestling for covering the life of Steve Yohe where this information was gleaned from. Steve can be reached directly via email at stevedyohe@aol.com


Drew Carrig

A fan of professional wrestling since 1987, Drew worked in the professional wrestling business in various roles from 2002 to 2012. During that time he received his Masters in United States History and has since combined his love of both into various research projects including the Hardy Kruskamp Record Book and other various items (admittedly branching from helping Steve Yohe with specific requests). Drew has provided the hosting space and clippings in order to make the Hall of Fame Project a visual tour of the history. Drew can be reached through this site or via email by clicking the button below.