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About the WCFL:

The WCFL was formed in 2001 as a means to re-book professional wrestling history. Taking place 20 years in the past, promoters can sign up and draft a roster of talent and them book as many shows as they would like. The WCFL is broken into three tiers. Primary promotions, Super Satellite promotions and Satellite promotions. Everyone starts as a Satellite but can be promoted through participation and positive feedback.

In Kayfabe...

The WCFL was formed in 1981 when a large conglomerate bought out the NWA, AWA and WWF promoters and re-sold their territories as franchises to members of the Wrestling Classics Message Board. All WCFL wrestlers have signed a collective bargaining agreement and are contracted exclusively to the WCFL.

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WCFL Title History

Click Here to read the World Championship history from 1981(2001) to present.

TASW Title History

Texas All-Star Wrestling started in 1998(2018) so read all about the championship history here! Texas All-Star Wrestling is currently a Super Satellite promotion.

Texas all-star wrestling by year:

1999 First Half


Texas All Star Wrestling started in 1998 but never really took off until 1999. See results from January to August 1999 here!

1999 Second Half


The momentum continues as WCFL's Texas All Star Wrestling continues from August to December 1999.



2017 brought one ballot at the beginning of the year, see who was inducted!



Steve has said that he would like to do one more round of voting but with turnout low, this may not happen. This will be reserved for 2020 should another round of voting occurs.